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  • Easter English & Maths Advance Courses(£50 Per Session)

    For Y4 English : From 9:30am – 12:30pm : 3 Hrs Session

    2 Weeks Program starting from 3rd April – 14th April ( Monday being Bank Holiday) – Total…

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  • 11+ Coaching – English, Maths, VR & NVR(1:1)

    We provide one-on-one customized study plans that are comprehensive and in-depth on all English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning topics that are required for 11+ coaching. Below topics…

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  • Olympiad Maths

    Our highly skilled and experienced teachers provide specialised one-on-one coaching for aspiring mathematicians. Olympiad math is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate a child’s abilities and skills…

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  • Your course, your squad!

    We provide a variety of courses for you to choose from.
    Bring your own group of children to join.
    Your preferred course can be provided at a time…

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  • Demo Session

    Experience their apprehensive products and professional staff who are quite friendly, interactive and qualified to teach STAR GLEAM EDUCATION products.

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