12+ / 13+ Coaching


Book slot for a personalized individual 12+/13+ focused tutoring session. You will be assigned dedicated and extensively experienced teachers and a team will work with your child on your preferred school to achieve the placement. All subjects will be inclusive in the price . This course will be charged per number of hourly sessions children will need to attend every week to achieve the milestones.


We offer specialised 1-1 dedicated 12+ coaching with experienced and bespoke monthly program that suits individual needs.

Initial assessment will be performed to assess students progress and performance to ensure he/she is receiving right services on the topics where he/she needs support.

We work on the gaps from the results to ensure they are fully covered on every topic. Specialised teachers on respective topics will teach them and ensure they are successfully achieving the targets on monthly basis.


  • Each 1hr session costs 75£. You need to book per quantity which is same as hours you are receiving our services.
  • These booking will be managed manually in google classroom as part of dedicated access you will receive after signing up with this course, this will be repository to retain and refer your material and timesheets.



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