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  • Comprehension

    We cover this course as part of our monthly 11+ coaching for Year 4 and Year 5 children. For more details call us on 07726018288

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  • GCSE/A Levels Maths; English; Science

    GSCE/A levels coaching is fully equipped on child’s individual needs with 1-1 dedicated teachers support who are coming from experienced teaching background. Frequent assessments, needed materials and weekly homework’s…

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  • 12+ / 13+ Coaching

    Book slot for a personalized individual 12+/13+ focused tutoring session. You will be assigned dedicated and extensively experienced teachers and a team will work with your child on your…

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  • Bundle Deal (Word Bank,Creative Writing) £500.00

    Avail Word Bank & Creative Writing courses together for a discounted price of £500. Use coupon code ‘STARBUNDLE’ during checkout.

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  • Demo Session

    Experience their apprehensive products and professional staff who are quite friendly, interactive and qualified to teach STAR GLEAM EDUCATION products.

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  • Creative Writing

    EVERY WEDNESDAY FOR YEAR 4 & YEAR 5 : 5:00PM to 6:30PM

    CREATIVE WRITING Course has been specially designed for Y3, Y4, Y5 including those taking the 11+ exams. The…

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    The 15 ardent weeks of WORD BANK course has been specially designed for Y3,Y4,Y5 including those taking the 11+ exams. The aim of this fabulous word bank course will…

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